INTERVIEW | Positively Pigtown: Mike Finn’s classic returns to Limerick

Mike Finn's Pigtown returns to Limerck at the Lime Tree Theatre

PIGTOWN is a show that tells the colourful history of Limerick through humour, emotion, excitement, and fear. 

Written by local playwright Mike Finn, it tells the story of one man who reflects on life gone by and one hundred years in the Treaty City.

Mags Hough, director for the new run of the show, told the Limerick Post about her take on the production.

“It’s a reflection on Limerick over the past 100 years seen through the eyes of its main character, Tommy ‘Clocks’,” the director said.

“It’s a pet name that has been given to the character, but it really is all about time ticking and the seconds ticking away. And Tommy trying to put off the inevitable moment where he departs from Limerick city and from the world.”

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The show meanders through historical and significant events in the city, Hough notes.

“Mike Finn is renowned for his writings about historical events in Limerick. He certainly writes magnificently and lyrically about different happenings throughout the century.

“We touch on events such as the Soviet, a Limerick man going off to the Boer War, and then we delve into comical scenes that deal with Italia 90, rugby, of course – because you don’t mention Limerick without mentioning rugby.”

Pigtown launched recently in JJ Bowles, an eye-catching, thought provoking poster providing a taste of what’s to come to the stage.

“In Pigtown, you come across a breadth of emotions, from happiness to sadness,” Hough explains.

“There’s a very dramatic, violent scene in the play, which all unfolds to tell a story about the history and happenings of 100 years.”

Pigtown runs in the Lime Tree Theatre from November 9 to 12. Writer Mike Finn will be present at a matinee show on Saturday November 12 for a questions and answers session.