Limerick GAA stars heading for Kenya

Limerick hurling star Seán Finn who is taking part in the'Warriors for Humanity' campaign.

LIMERICK GAA stars Seán Finn, Cathy Mee, and Tom Morrissey have pledged to collectively raise at least €30,000 for the ‘Plant for the Planet’ Games in Kenya. 

The brainchild of former Galway dual star Alan Kerins, the aim of the ‘Warriors for Humanity’ campaign is to plant one million trees across Africa, in partnership with Self Help Africa and with support from the Gaelic Players Association. 

Fifty leading players, along with musicians and dancers, have committed to next week’s €500,000 fundraising trip.  

Seán Finn explained: “It was an opportunity for us to use our position and leave a lasting legacy in Kenya by planting one million trees and providing food and water to those impacted by climate change.

“It’s something I’m quite passionate about and thankfully it’s something my employer and main sponsor, PwC, are passionate about.”

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“It is incredible to have fifty Warriors for Humanity signed up, each one committing to raise funds in support of what is one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime – that of climate change.

“This campaign, from which some of the world’s most vulnerable communities will benefit, will leave a lasting legacy in more ways than one, improving quality of living both in the present day and for future generations,” explained organiser Alan Kerins.

On the climate issue, Finn added: “It’s something I think we’ve all began to become conscious of. I wouldn’t say I’ve always been conscious of but it’s something that’s changed my behaviour and what I do over the last couple of years, but maybe the generation below me will begin to drive that change a bit more than what we’re used to and maybe change the habits that we have.”

The travelling party will also stage an historic challenge match at Nairobi Rugby Club during their seven-day visit. 

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