Parliament Square opens for Australian band Press Club

Press Club

By Sadhbh Pearse
@sibhhead on Twitter

Another cracking gig for Dolans, this time with Limerick based band Parliament Square performed in Kasbah Social Club recently prior to main act Press Club.
The intimate venue was lit in cool blue toned lighting and there was a warm, welcoming feeling after coming in from the cold and hearing the familiar harmonies of their song ‘As I Am’
The band have also been posting on social media that they are finally back in the recording studio.

Parliament Square

Having caught up with Brendan at the end of the night it was plain as day how excited he is that they will be releasing new music and how he is “absolutely buzzing” for it to be mixed and released in the new year.
The band finished their set with Burning Witches, signed off and began clearing the stage for the main act Press Club.
Press Club are an Australian punk band based in Melbourne signed to Lunchroom Records.
Their debut single Headwreck was released in May 2017 with their album Late Teens released the following May. The recording of their third album was delayed due to Covid.
Natalie immediately went from 0 to 100, giving it her all on stage, her amazing, guttural vocals from the use of her “chest voice” shining through.
She and her band mates had amazing chemistry while performing as she worked the stage, completely lost in the performance full of hair moshing. In between each number she would gather herself by leaning forward to summon more energy, her blond hair cascading like a shining waterfall.
Her stone washed t-shirt and shorts set along with white Chucks gave her an edgy look and allowed her to give an almost aerobic performance.
It definitely came in handy whenever he came into the crowd. At one point an amp fell off the stage which she then used to her advantage during one of the numbers before returning it to its spot.
They then momentarily slowed down with their next song with every member getting the chance to shine. Natalie opened with singing the first few lines acapella with medium reverb. The drummer then joined in with symbol work that sounded like a ticking clock, while the guitarist and bassist each had their own instrumental. During this last number; Endless Motion, the band are absolutely giving it socks, the drummer breathing heavily to keep up with Natalie while she shoots off into the crowd again. She then seats herself on top of the bar and gets very up close and personal during the last few vocal runs.
Having caught up with Natalie after the set she spoke about how much they enjoyed the performance and can’t wait for the rest of their Endless Motion tour.
Both bands can be found on Spotify and Instagram so be sure to head over and keep an eye out for their next releases!