New video from rapper Willzee

LIMERICK rapper and spoken word artist, Willzee has dropped a music video to his single ‘Eclipse’, from his debut album ‘Kuti Gris’ released earlier this year.
The debut album is used by Willzee as a means to honestly express his identity as well as his loss. “Throughout my life, my heart has been broken multiple times from the loss of both my parents to siblings and friends’. Kut’i Gris means ‘a piece of heart’ in Traveller Gammon language, an accurate reflection of how each track represents a piece of heart lost or found.
The story is from the perspective of Willzee reaching out and reconnecting to his past self, a small vulnerable child taken away from his biological parents along with his sister by social services.
Speaking about the video, Willzee says: “Eclipse was in inspired by the early stages of my life as a reflection of my time in foster care and the night I was taken from his birth parents, this piece is a tragic mix of emotions surrounded by isolated sounds so the narrative can be felt word for word.
It begins gently in a reminiscent stage and seamlessly transitions into a motivational ending, provoking the thought “what does it feel like to be right huh?” This is a soft reminder to listeners that we all make mistakes but we can prevail over them and make good with the past.”
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