Limerick TD’s support of greyhound industry under fire

Independent TD Richard O'Donoghue speaking in the Dáil.

COUNTY Limerick TD Richard O’Donoghue has declared his support for the greyhound industry and believes it can support Irish businesses.

Speaking in the Dáil on Horse and Greyhound Fund Regulations, Deputy O’Donoghue said he comes from a greyhound family and grew up with greyhounds.

“In our house we had up to 26 greyhounds and they were better treated than I was  because if they were not walked and fed then I did not get fed.

“That was how much passion my father and family had for the greyhound industry,” the Rural Ireland Independent TD explained.

Deputy O’Donoghue went on to say that he was disappointed to see that the last time people were having a go at the greyhound industry, they said they brought a greyhound to the front of Leinster House.

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“It was a lurcher they brought to the front door. They did not even know what a greyhound was and yet they are against the greyhound industry,” he claimed.

“Previously, the Opposition in Sinn Féin voted with the Social Democrats against the greyhound industry in this House. I hope that the next time there is a vote on this they will actually see what the greyhound and horse racing industry can provide for this country and for the people and businesses of this country, and show the well-being in which these animals are held, how much people love their animals, and how much they take care of them.

“I support the greyhound industry and I support the horse racing industry. I believe everyone else in the House would support them if they understood what they are. I do,” he added.

Paul Murphy of People Before Profit was critical of the fact that €91 million has been provided by the government to subsidise animal cruelty.

“This is incredible,” Deputy Murphy said.

“This is wildly out of touch with the views of ordinary people. A poll in 2019 showed that 80 per cent of people who had an opinion agreed that the Government should stop funding greyhound racing.

“That poll was done before this year’s discovery of the greyhound skeletons that had been dumped 2 kilometres from the Newbridge Greyhound Stadium.”