Emma Langford on RTÉ on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Graham Murphy, Emma Langford, Daithí and Alec Brown.

EMMA Langford along with Graham Murphy and Alec Brown have blended tradition and modern production on an arrangement of the beloved Irish song ‘The Wexford Carol’.
Emma reports, “I’m genuinely delighted to be sharing this gorgeous new single with you. A modern spin on an old classic: The Wexford Carol is thought to be over 300 years old but in this rendition we add the magic of modern production to bring it into the present day.”
“It’s a beautiful re-telling of the nativity, and I wanted to capture the sensitivity, emotion and purity of voice I love in so many other vocal performances along these lines”
Emma created the arrangement for RTÉ’s Christmas At The Castle with my oft-time producer Graham Murphy who also plays keys here, and the track features the sultry tones of my frequent collaborator Dr. Alec Brown on cello.
You can watch Emma, Alec and Graham perform The Wexford Carol live in The Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle on RTÉ on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. “Christmas At The Castle” is produced by award-winning film producer Roger Childs, and promises to be a spectacular showcase of festive favourites and Irish talent. Langford says however that the arrangement was “too beautiful not to record and release as a single”, so the trio recruited the help of recording engineer Ben Wanders and met in his studio in Limerick City to re-capture the magic. The track was then mixed and produced by Graham Murphy & Chris O’Brien of The Production Suite, Dublin.