20,000 Limerick motorists have penalty points


MORE than 20,000 Limerick motorists had penalty points on their driving licences at the end of September.

Data released by the Road Safety Authority shows that 543,089 people had points on their licences representing an increase of 2,915 from last year.

Similar to last year, the highest numbers were recorded in the most highly populated areas of the country – Dublin (115,960) , followed by Cork (59,452) Galway (28,874) Kildare (26,45), Meath (21,901) and Limerick( 20,790).

45,318 of the people with penalty points were foreign licence holders.

A penalty point is a formal reprimand by An Garda Síochána endorsed on a person’s driving licence to show that they are guilty of a specific driving offence. Such offences include speeding, breaking red lights, holding a mobile phone while driving and driving without insurance.

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The information provided by the Road Safety Authority also gave a breakdown of the number of penalty points drivers had on their licenses.

Most drivers included in the list had three penalty points (388,691), while 35,805 people had two points and 60,663 had six points.

Overall, 17,297 drivers had seven or more penalty points. A total of 840 drivers across the country had 12 points which results in disqualification for six months.

Novice and learner permit drivers face disqualification if they receive seven points on their licence.

As penalty points stay on a driver’s licence for three years, these points could have been given at any stage over the past three years.