Limerick company launches new car safety system

Provizio chief executive Barry Lunn.

A LIMERICK company has launched a scanning system that is designed to reduce the number of traffic accidents for motorists and autonomous vehicles.

Based in Bedford Row in the city centre, Provizio has developed radar technology that uses eye-safe laser beams to create a 3D representation of the area and potential hazards surrounding the vehicle.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Summit in Las Vegas last week, company chief executive Barry Lunn said that the Provizio platform will revolutionise safety in the auto and mobility sector.

Provizio is now working with partners in the industry to bring the technology to mass production by 2025.

Founded in 2019, Provizio’s team is made up of experts in robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision and radar sensor development. It secured €5.2 million in seed investment in 2020 to develop its ‘guardian angel’ platform to help prevent road accidents.

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The system, described as 5D perception, combines data from onboard cameras and radar sensors to bring scanning capabilities to cars at a significantly lower cost and a much higher resolution than those currently available on vehicles.

Provizio uses machine-learning algorithms and a series of sensors to continuously process the environment around the vehicle. The five-dimensional perception system can see, track and interpret vehicular behaviour and identify roadway elements, enabling increased safety for drivers.