Claims that security guards had to diffuse incident denied by Limerick hospital

The emergency department at UHL caters for a population of 390,000.

A SPOKESMAN for University Hospital Limerick has denied claims that security guards had to be called in to deal with a heated incident in the hospital’s emergency department last week.

A patient who was brought to the hospital last weekend after collapsing in a seizure contacted the Limerick Post to describe his experience in the emergency department.

The Corbally man – who spent 27 hours sitting on a chair and was discharged after 48 hours without ever getting a bed – said that at one stage while he was there, five security guards were involved in diffusing a situation involving patients.

The man – who asked not to be named – said the atmosphere was tense and angry and fights started to break out.

“People were very frustrated. At one stage, five security guards had to be called. There were people shouting and screaming and a woman was wandering around saying her handbag had been stolen. It really was like a war zone.”

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In response to  query from the Limerick Post about the security situation, a spokesman said “UL Hospitals Group can confirm that no incident of the nature described took place in the emergency department at University Hospital Limerick on Friday, December 30.”