Italian musicians bring the music of The Cranberries back to where it all began this Saturday night

The Lizberries play Dolans Warehouse this Saturday January 14.

“We absolutely do not want to disrespect or come to ape The Cranberries. We come because we believe in their music, in what Dolores herself conveyed through her songs and her voice.”

THIS weekend marks the fifth anniversary of the sad passing of Dolores O’Riordan.
Dolans Warehouse will host a performance by The Lizberries on Saturday January 14.
Formed in Milan, The Lizberries began life as an original act before developing their true voice in 2012 sharing the music of The Cranberries.
With a ready audience of tens of thousands of fans of the Limerick band in Europe, The Lizberries were soon in demand at venues such as the Hard Rock Café, and at festivals beyond their own borders. From Romania to France and Croatia to the UK, The Lizberries have brought their electrifying and captivating show to festivals and clubs across the continent.
Limerick Post had a chat with the band this week.
The Lizberries are Cristina (vocals), Mattia (guitar), Stefano (bass) and Mauro (drums).
The four-piece came together writing their own music and playing covers. The covers of songs by The Cranberries resonated with their audience. The Lizberries project was born and was immediately successful.
“We played our own unreleased songs and covers under the name of The Lizards but the Cranberries covers came out particularly well. We liked them and the singer’s voice resembled Dolores’ voice. We found many Cranberries fans who enjoyed listening to their favourite music live!”
From international club tours and festival appearances, the band have brought their live set of the music of The Cranberries to hundreds of audiences in the last decade.
Are the band excited to bring this show to the hometown of The Cranberries?
“We are certainly super excited but also a little intimidated. We certainly look forward to a warm welcome from Limerick just as we always received a warm welcome in Ireland.
“But we know that it is also a delicate date, because it takes place close to a particular day: Dolores’ anniversary.
“We know there will be people who knew her personally, who loved her and still love her. We absolutely do not want to disrespect or come to ape The Cranberries.
“We come because we believe in their music, we believe in what they wrote and played, in what Dolores herself conveyed through her songs and her voice.
“We believe that many people still need to hear them live and feel intense emotions as in the past and we want to believe that somehow we can be a humble tool to promote their music again.
“Our way of loving them and loving Dolores is this … giving voice again to the wonders they have created and to remember Dolores through her songs.”

This will be The Lizberries fourth time touring in Ireland. They have always get a warm reception and Limerick is set to be a very special show.
“The best shows are the ones where the audience responds by singing along with us, where the audience itself gives us energy.
“When we came to Ireland in the past this has always happened, so … we have high expectations!”
The Lizberries will bring their authentic sound and performance of the greatest hits of The Cranberries to the hometown of Dolores, Noel, Mike and Ferg this Saturday January 14.
The Lizberries performance will be followed by an After Show Party on Dolans Terrace. Expect all the music you love to hear and dance to at Dolans Limerick, from indie/alternative to Disco and classic cuts from Limerick and Irish bands. Music plays until bedtime and admission is free for the After Party.

The Lizberries play Dolans Warehouse this Saturday January 14.