Netflix & Breakfast with Jayne

Netflix and Breakfast is a new release from Limerick songstress JaYne.
Growing up in a musical household with her dad who is also a musician, JaYne spent her early years listening to Steely Dan, Queen and Michael Jackson. Joining her first band at 18yrs ‘The Riverside Jazz & Swing Band’ a 15pc big band.
The aspiring performer became versed in the jazz standards and soon fell in love with the genre, shortly after moving to London to learn her craft and write her own songs.
Her quick wit and raw lyric are indicative of this city from which she hails as she takes no prisoners in her tales of lost love, one night stands and her struggles to keep her “party girl” side in check.
Netflix and Breakfast, as JaYne points out, “came from a time when I wasn’t up to much! aside from watching friends, chilling in my bed and writing this song!”
It’s a clever song, about living in the twilight world of creativity with complete freedom.
“I’ll write another tune, Where the ending comes too soon
Coz there’s no chorus in a day that starts so late
Breakfast in the afternoon.”