REVIEW: The MicDrop Comedy Club

Shawn Uyosa at The Record Room

By Sadhbh Pearse
@sibhhead on Twitter

LAST week The Record Room venue hosted The MicDrop Comedy Club, tickets sold out very quickly in the intimate setting.
MC of the night, Brian McCormack, took the stage, a haphazard of long red hair and snappy jokes. He first mentioned the ‘house rules’, especially the restriction on no filming and giving 100% attention to the acts who travelled from all over the country.

First act to the stage, originally from Limerick, Kevin O’Connor sported a grey sweatshirt that said Yurt and his long hair back in a bun.
Kevin was given a warm welcome to the stage, especially by friends and family who made sure they were front and centre to support and of course, heckle him just a little.

Kevin’s set was based on a wild night out with his boss from his time on work placement for a magazine company and how it led to a comical arrest where he proclaimed “you don’t run from the guards! Unless you’re from Limerick!”

Brian then welcomed Cian Jordan to the stage, who asked the crowd if they were ready as he readjusted the microphone. He then yelled “ALL HAIL THE GOAT KING!”, shocking attendees, then saying “… I thought ye said ye were ready!”
Cian then went on with his routine, allowing room for awkward silences to promote more lighter, revealing notes written up and down his arms and even having a toy pig as a prop.

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Padraig Ormstay then took to the stage, his humour more on the monosylibic and dry side than the other performers. Brian returned to the stage and announced a quick break where patrons flocked to the bar for drinks and snacks before awaiting the second half.

Becky Cheatle at The Record Room
Brian returned to the stage and portrayed a funny story about a czar as the crowd settled back in.
It was then time for the only female comedian of the night; Becky Cheatle. Becky was dressed in a floral dress, denim jacket and wore her blond hair loose, immediately jumping in and professing “I thought there should be more diversity in comedy so I decided to do it myself!”.
Her set was primarily about her journey about her transition into womanhood and various jokes about her journey from being a male comedian to a female comedian, as well as plenty of societal and anatomical jokes, the perfect elements to any set by comedian of the LGBTQ+ community, closing out with “Ladies, I know you want your man to change, but there’s a limit!”

The next act of the night, award winning comedian Shawn Uyosa, took to the stage, absolutely stealing the show. Shawn was excitable and extremely engaging with the audience, his set primarily about the differences between being raised in both Ireland and Nigeria.
Attendees were in fits of laughter at his jokes about how he will always shoot his shots (jokes) with everyone “except Americans because Americans shoot back”.
He closed on a childhood anecdote about when he realised his pet chickens had been killed and a funny confrontation with his mother, referencing how much Irish people drink.
When Shawn finished his set, the crowd were audibly disappointed to see him go.

The final act was popular comedian Danny Ryan who was visibly comfortable on stage in an instant. Danny is originally from Limerick and even joked that “last time I performed in Limerick- I got COVID, so tonight is like a revenge night”.

When getting on the bus to make his way to Limerick for the event, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a joke to the driver who was asking what type of ticket he wanted. So when asked “Single?”, Danny flirtatiously responds “Depends who’s asking..”

The crowd were constantly laughing throughout Danny’s set as he made jokes about Irish culture, referenced the other acts but there was one joke in particular, when he described the feeling of getting out of a bath into a warm towel and then thinking out loud said “the only way this moment could be any better would be if I’d achieved any of my life goals”.

After a few more running jokes, Brian took the stage again to close out the night. Before he thanked everyone for coming out and for the venue and staff etc, he closed with a piece about chess, saying “the difference between Irish and normal chess, is that in Irish chess, you can move the bishop to another parish!”
The crowd went wild with laughter and applause at the end and the acts began mingling with the guests as the seating was being cleared as staff set up The Vault music portion of the night.
Even when walking back up the stairs from the underground venue, booming laughter could be heard from locals and comedians alike.