‘Any necessary solution’ will be delivered to accommodate Limerick students

Education Minister Norma Foley.

THE families of the 26 local students without a place in post-primary education for the coming academic year have been assured that “any necessary solution” will be delivered to provide them with a place in a suitable Limerick school.

A father of one of the 26 children, who received a clean sweep of 11 rejection letters from Limerick secondary schools for his child, made contact with Education Minister Norma Foley on the matter.

“We have been in touch with schools and they reckon nothing will happen until after February 21, which is the date parents have to change their minds of school places if they want,” he explained.

In response, the Minister’s office issued the following statement: “The Department has been in close engagement with Limerick Education Centre and school patrons and is aware of the evolving situation with respect to first year places in Limerick for September 2023, including the additional places that were being made available across schools in the city to address the school place needs.

“The Department is aware that 26 students have not yet received an offer of a place in post primary school in Limerick for September 2023. Schools in Limerick City have already increased their available places by over 100, including 44 additional places made available in recent weeks.

“It is expected that some students who have been offered places instead accept places in other non-city schools. It is likely that this will free up places that will meet the needs of some or all of the students currently without a place.”

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Nevertheless, the Department went on to say that it is working with school patrons to put a contingency solution in place to ensure that there are sufficient places available in the city.

“The Department has identified a school which will be in a position to accommodate an additional first year class intake with the support of the Department, should it be required.

“There will be further clarity on this in the coming weeks. Families can be assured that any necessary solution will be delivered so that all of the children currently without a place can be accommodated.”