Plucky Limerick pub manager prevented theft

Limerick Garda Crime Prevention Officer Sgt Ber Leetch

A PLUCKY Limerick pub manager managed to prevent a thief from making off with the pub’s hard-earned cash but two other victims of sneak thievery were not so lucky.

On Saturday last, the supervisor of a city centre pub went into the kitchen of the premises at 3.30pm only to find herself faced with a burglar.

Garda Crime Prevention Officer Sergeant  Ber Leetch, explained that the supervisor “saw a man run out of the office with cash. She shouted at him and pulled at him, which made him drop the cash and run from the premises empty-handed.”

“She was shocked but the man should not have gotten access to this area so easily. There must be access control to any area that has cash, at the very least a locked office door that CCTV should cover. Any cash must be stored securely in a safe that is securely bolted to a solid floor or wall.”

Meanwhile a woman in her late 70s in Caherdavin had her handbag stolen as she was bringing her shopping in from her car.

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The woman was unloading the car last Thursday and made a number of trips. She left her bag on the couch in her home while she went back to get more groceries from the car. When she came back, the bag was gone.

Sgt Leetch said the woman “got a terrible fright as she did not see or hear anybody”.

Also, a taxi driver had his night’s earnings stolen when he parked his car at St John’s Square on Sunday night.

“He left it for a moment without locking it and in that time a thief checked the car door and found it unlocked. He reached in and stole the night’s takings. Fortunately, the taxi has a dash camera, a suspect has been identified and Gardai will make an arrest,” Sgt Leetch said.

“Criminals are very quick to spot an opportunity to steal and are bold enough to do it almost in front of us. Lock your car, even even if you may only be gone from it for a moment.”