16-year-old served alcohol in Limerick pub sting operation

The Garda Age Card is required for people to prove they have reached the legal age to buy alcohol.

A JUDGE heard that a 16-year-old youth was served a pint and a glass of wine in a Limerick pub as part of a Garda operation to test whether the business was checking ID for underage drinkers.

Paddy Keogh, owner of the Central Bar in Newcastle West, pleaded guilty to an underage person being served alcohol on the premises on February 26, 2022.

Judge Carol Ann Coolican heard that a Garda and a volunteer went to the pub to make the test purchase. The Garda observed while the volunteer went to the bar where he ordered and paid for the drinks from bar staff.

The teenager was not challenged about his age or asked to produce any ID when buying the drinks.

The publican’s solicitor said that his client had since reinforced training among staff about the need to ask for ID from younger customers.

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He said that while the publican is taking responsibility for the matter “the volunteer in this instance was three weeks off his 17th birthday”.

“The order was for a pint of beer and a glass of wine, which is not the kind of order normally expected from an underage drinker.”

The solicitor said that Mr Keogh had worked hard to “keep his business open when many others have failed.”

Judge Coolican imposed a fine of €200.