Limerick commercial property owners can help city reach potential

City councillor Joe Leddin on Catherine Street. Photo: Brendan Gleeson
City councillor Joe Leddin says commercial property owners can help Limerick reach its potential.

THE OWNERS of commercial properties in Limerick have an important role to play in ensuring that the potential of the city centre for business and residential development is maximised.

That’s according to Labour Party councillor Joe Leddin, who believes that the city has a unique Georgian quarter that offers untapped potential, especially for residential use.

“Many city centre buildings have unoccupied floors that, if redeveloped, could deliver apartments for professionals working in the city or starter homes for young families,” Cllr Leddin told the Limerick Post.

The City West representative pointed out that there are various grants available to help the owners of these properties to redevelop and convert unused floors.

He says Limerick City and County Council are extremely proactive in supporting these refurbishment projects, with advice on matters such as conservation and letting potential.

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“There are currently several redevelopment projects underway in Georgian houses located on Mallow Street, Cecil Street, and Newenham Street. Once completed they will increase the numbers of apartments in our city centre while removing derelict eyesores from the streetscape.

“However, many more buildings lay empty and in various states of disrepair,” Cllr Leddin added.

“Commercial property owners must also be aware of the challenges that businesses are facing with increased utility costs and overheads. I meet with business owners regularly who have stated that one of their highest costs is their monthly rental or lease payments.

Cllr Leddin called on commercial property owners to engage with the Council in the hopes of reviving the inner city.

“It is disheartening to see established businesses decide to relocate out of the city centre based on excessive rental charges. The owners of commercial buildings need to be receptive of the multitude of costs now facing tenants in particular small family-owned businesses.”

“Fair and reasonable rental terms with new or existing tenants will ensure we remain competitive for businesses to locate and attractive for those looking to live and work in our city.”