Limerick dog unlikely winner of €100,000 tractor in raffle

The John Deere tractor won by Limerick terrier Toby. Photo: Clough Community Centre/Facebook.

THERE was a round of a-paws last week when a community fundraising draw ended in shock with an unexpected winner… a dog.

Toby, a terrier owned by Patsy Dalton from Galbally, County Limerick, was named the winner of the Clough Community Vision tractor raffle when his name was pulled from the drum on St Patrick’s Day.

The tractor, a John Deere worth over €100,000, will be making its way to Galbally this weekend as the top prize in a draw to raise funds for a new community hall in the village of Clough, County Laois.

Toby’s name was pulled in the draw last Friday at Mary’s Bar in Clough, much to the confusion of onlookers, who at first had some difficulty discerning the name on the ticket.

Patsy Dalton, Toby’s owner, told the Limerick Post that he put Toby’s name on the ticket as he has done for many draws before.

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“He was very lucky. I put him down in a couple of draws before, small draws for split the pot,” the Galbally man says.

Patsy said that it was pure chance that he ended up getting a ticket for the draw in the first place, after going to Portlaoise to sell items at an auction.

“I had to drive up to Portlaoise the Monday before I bought the ticket to sell a jeep and a box (trailer), and unfortunately I forgot to bring the tax book.

“So I went up again on Thursday and I looked around and there was a nice few around. This man asked me would I buy a ticket. Luckily enough I had the money in my pocket.”

Patsy said he didn’t expect to win the draw, saying he was at a wedding when he got the call to tell him that Toby had won.

“The call came and they said ‘can I speak to Toby Dalton?’, I just said to him ‘he’s in bed asleep’.

“So he just said ‘he’s after winning a tractor worth €100,000.”

Ticketseller John Finlay read out the lucky canine’s name to roars of laughter and approval in Mary’s Bar, saying that “we probably have made a record as we have the first dog in Ireland that’s won a tractor”.

The tractor was presented to Patsy and Toby on Friday afternoon (March 24).