T.A. Narrative “Self-reflect – then party!” on Retro Futurism

LIMERICK duo TA Narrative release their new EP Retro Futurism on Friday 31. The EP includes indie dance banger ‘If I Was A Man’ and sees Tara and Anna further develop their sharp punk-dance attack on the self produced Loves Hold, Signs Out and The Freeze expressing 2020’s soul-searching to a floor-filling retro synth/guitar soundtrack.
Speaking about Retro Futurism, TA Narrative say, “With this EP, we’ve used musicality as a vehicle to engage in deep self-reflection and navigate the chaos it brings. Our lives are filled with challenges we all face as humans. In addition to the fucked up experience, it has been a huge source of healing. Self-reflect – then party!”

T.A. Narrative play Kasbah, Dolans on Friday April 21.