Verona Farrell: Street style without leaving the house

Style videographer Verona Farrell

THERE is no shortage of fashion and clothing content on social media, from world-beating brands to personal blogs and micro influencers, all competing for the limelight.

We get front-row seats to the latest trends, hottest designs, and even the odd fashion fail that makes the headline or goes viral from the comfort of our homes.

What we don’t often get to see is street style. The everyday fit in motion doesn’t always make the cut.

Well, not anymore. I recently stumbled across the account of Irish fashion writer and street style videographer Verona Farrell (@secondhandhuns) and I’m just shy of obsessed.

Verona captures what regular people in different cities are wearing season to season, and it’s probably one of the most interesting accounts I’ve had the pleasure of finding completely by accident in quite a while.

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It’s easy to Google, for example, Danish or Swedish fashion, and get what celebrities and influencers in Scandinavia are wearing. But street fashion is not something you get to see on your feed every day.

Verona’s feed is a combination of people being prepared for the strut and those blissfully unaware that they have impressed and grabbed the attention of the stealthy videographer.

Her videos are usually captioned ‘What People Are Wearing Today’ with the location of the spontaneous fashion shoot appended to the post.

They’re like mini fashion shows for people who may never have been to cities like New York, Copenhagen, London, Stockholm, or even Dublin.

This page is beyond helpful for anyone packing for a new city who wants to get a bit of a feel for the flair (and flares) on the ground before they get there.

Verona’s content is a refreshing change in an often hyper-stylised sphere. I’ve never come across an account like it, and I found it captivating because we can forget so easily how cool, edgy, beautiful, funky, and special clothes on the other side of the runway are when there is so much content online distracting from everyday wear.

Plus, the outfits are always top tier. So that helps.