Limerick judge refuses bail to man accused of breaching court order

Judge Carol Anne Coolican

A JUDGE refused bail to a man after hearing that his former partner claims he tried to strangle her and his own admission that he just wants to return to his home country.

In a case held behind closed doors, Judge Carol Ann Coolican heard from the mother of two that she fears the man will return to the home they formerly shared in county Limerick.

Newcastle West District Court heard that after a break-up the man, originally from mainland Europe, had been under provisions of a safety order that he could only return to the house to collect his belongings and then only in the company of a Garda.

He told his solicitor, Ted McCarthy, that he had gone to the Garda station on several occasions but there was no Garda free to accompany him so on March 21, he decided to go alone.

He agreed with prosecuting Inspector Gearoid Thompson that he was banned from going to the house without a Garda but said that he wanted “a frame and picture of my two nieces, which is very important to me”, as well as some clothes.

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Inspector Thompson told the court that it is alleged the accused breached the safety order and, after gaining access to the house, “allegedly assaulted and tried to strangle the alleged injured party”.

The man is also facing a charge of criminal damage to his former partner’s car, the court was told.

Giving evidence, the alleged victim said that the accused arrived demanding his possessions.

“I gave him his belongings in bags when we broke up. There was nothing of his at the house and I told him that,” she told the court.

“He was going on about a suitcase so I brought him upstairs and opened the suitcase to show him there was nothing in it. He went on a rampage.”

“I’m afraid if he gets bail he will come back. I can’t let my children out to play.  We will have to move out of our home if he is free.”

The accused man told his solicitor that he is now satisfied that there is nothing of his at the house and he would not return.

Judge Coolican said that the man had freely admitted he breached a court order to go to the house and had at several times under oath said that he intended to return to his home country.

She refused bail and remanded him in custody until April 4, when he will face charges in connection with the events.