Ekin-Su comes to Lime-rick: Irish brand collaboration a “pinch me” moment for 2022 Love Island winner

Limerick Post columnist Jody Coffey with reality TV star Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

APRIL Fool’s Day saw 2022 Love Island winner Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu pay a visit to a sunny Treaty City as part of an Irish tour to promote her line of BPerfect cosmetics and brushes.

The visit was somewhat overshadowed by a viral faux pas from the reality TV celeb, whose attempt to pronounce ‘Limerick’ left a few eyebrows raised.

Addressing the now infamous ‘Lime-rick’ pronunciation mishap, Ekin-Su told the Limerick Post at the event that “somebody asked Davide [Sanclimenti, her partner] to say it and he said ‘Lime-rick’ as well. So I think it’s a Southern thing. Us Londoners, we don’t know how it’s said,” she laughed.

Seeming to have forgiven Ekin-Su’s transgressions however, hundreds gathered at Shaws Department Store in the Cresecent Shopping Centre to greet the Turkish bombshell – with some die-hard fans having waited in line since 7am for the 28-year-old star to arrive at 3pm. One fan even presented her with a Limerick jersey.

Speaking to the Limerick Post on the success of her makeup collection with Irish cosmetics brand BPerfect, Ekin-Su hinted that additional products are already in the pipeline.

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“The Ekin-Su BPerfect Glow has gone global and viral on TikTok. People are in high demand for it, and everyone is obsessed with the palette,” she explained as BPerfect Cosmetics retail development manager Rhea Carroll topped up her makeup before the event.

When Ekin-Su won Love Island, she emerged to upwards of 1.8 million followers, a number that has since grown to 3.2 million. One of the things she wanted to stress to her following, she says, is the importance of authenticity. She has previously pledged to do away with heavy filters on Instagram to promote a natural look to her audience.

“There’s nothing wrong with filters. There’s nothing wrong with using them or Photoshop. I touch up my own photos now and then – I hold my hands up – everyone does that. But I don’t use the filters on Instagram – the heavy ones, the weird-eye color-changing ones – because that doesn’t look like me.”

Ekin-Su’s collection aims to make those who wear it feel fearless, authentic, and confident, she says.

“I wanted it to be affordable, accessible, light-weight, and basically natural-looking for anyone. I wanted everyone to feel beautiful. You don’t need fifty shades of colours in a palette; you just three or four, and you’re done.

She added that, for her, the collection is all about enhancing rather than masking.

“The Ekin-Su Glow is one you take away on holiday with you. You’ve got your tan, you don’t need to top up. You don’t need anything else, just a glow. I think less is more now. That fashion is gone; it’s all about natural.”

“The eyelashes are very light, wispy, and natural, and basically look like your own lashes. I never see ladies with big eyelashes walking around town anymore. That was 2005,” she laughs.

Confidence is something the Love Island winner oozes and owns. It’s one of the many reasons why she gained popularity and influence at such breakneck speed during her time on the reality series.

When it comes to maintaining her edge in the industry, Ekin-Su sees her self as something of a lone wolf, in it to win it as always.

“You don’t have to have friends in this life. You’re your friend. Don’t care what people think about you. Love yourself, because who will? People come and go in your life, but you don’t. That’s my only advice.”

Self love seems to be a theme with the reality TV star. While her collaboration with the Irish beauty brand has inarguably made its way into millions of fans’ makeup bags, Ekin herself is maybe the biggest fan of the collection. She says that the three items always in her handbag are the Ekin-Su Glow, the Ekin-Su palette, and the Empress brush.

She also shared the ways she applies the products in her day-to-day looks, claiming that they can be used for more than their intended purpose.

“I use my glow on my lips. I use the pink [from the palette] on my lips as well. I also use the highlighter on the corners of my eyes.

“You can use [the collection] for anything. You can use the bronzer as an eyeshadow. You can use the white powder for full-face coverage. And you can use the blusher for everything.”

Since leaving the Love Island villa in August 2022, hand-in-hand with Sanclimenti as winners, Ekin-Su’s career has gone from strength to strength.

“It’s still surreal. it’s a very pinch-me moment,” she says.

“I’m working with one of the most successful brands. Brendan McDowell is great. The team is really great to work with. I’m excited to continue working with them,” adding that teaming up with the Irish beauty brand was a full-circle moment as she wore BPerfect products during her time on Love Island.

As the crowds surged in the Cresecent, Ekin shared the same grateful sentiment as she spoke of her Irish fans.

“The Irish people are so welcoming. The fans are so nice here. It just feels so nice to be here.”