Vigil to be held for woman murdered in Limerick city

A vigil for 27-year-old Geila Ibram will be held on Bedford Row this Thursday (April 13)

A VIGIL is planned in Limerick next week following the murder of Geila Ibram on the Dock Road in Limerick City last Tuesday.

Social Feminist Movement ROSA is behind the gathering, which will stand in solidarity with all victims of femicide.

The ‘Not One More’ gathering will show support to the family of Ms Ibram, a 27-year-old mother of four from Romania, as well as “all victims of men’s violence against women and LGBTQIA people.”

A statement from ROSA posted to Facebook said that the issue of violence against women in Ireland needs “to be brought out of the shadows” and that no woman should lose her life at the hands of a man.

“From intimate partner violence to cat-calling and sexist verbal abuse when we go out walking or running, to online harassment, to sexual violence and spiking — we need to bring this issue out of the shadows by coming onto the streets in solidarity with every victim of abuse , every victim of femicide and to exclaim that Not One More life can be taken,” the group said.

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ROSA also called out successive Governments for failing “to act on gender violence”, claiming they were “directly responsible for throwing women and children out onto the streets with its lifting of the eviction ban”.

“After Ashling Murphy’s tragic death in January 2022, upwards of a hundred thousand people stood out in solidarity with Ashling and all victims of femicide, provoking the Government to promise an action plan. It’s all too slow with promised refuge places still not in place.”

The vigil will demand immediate action from the Government on gender-based violence, as well as the reinstatement of the ban on evictions to ensure no more women are placed in a precarious housing situation.

“Our thoughts are with Geila Ibram, her family, and her friends, at this heartbreaking time,” a second online statement from ROSA said.

The vigil will take place on Thursday (April 13) at 5.30pm at Bedford Row in Limerick City.