Angry mother who tried to kick “offside” partner got his friend instead

Newcastle West District Court.

A JUDGE heard how an angry mother of four got involved in a “domestic explosion” in which she tried to kick her partner but missed and got his friend instead.

Before Newcastle West District Court was Amanda Casey (37), of Arra View, Newcastle West, who pleaded guilty to assault on a Mr Kumanga on May 16, 2021.

The court heard that Ms Casey became angry with her partner, Mr Akeem, over “difficulties”.

Her solicitor, Ted McCarthy, told Judge Carol Ann Coolican that there was another party present at the time in Mr Kumanga’s residence who “was not helping matters”.

“It was a domestic explosion. She was pregnant at the time and he was offside,” Mr McCarthy said.

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“She was venting and he (her partner) was afraid. He ran as she drew out a kick at him. He dodged the kick and she connected with Mr Kumanaga.”

Mr McCarthy said his client is “very apologetic”, adding that Mr Kumanga, who was in court, did not suffer any serious injury “and to be fair to him he says he bears her no ill-will.”

He told the judge that Ms Casey has four children.

Inspector Gearoid Thompson told the court that Ms Casey has previous convictions for misuse of drugs, violent disorder, and possession of a knife.

He noted she has not come to the notice of Gardaí since the incident before the court.

Judge Coolican, applying the Probation Act, noted Ms Casey’s guilty plea and that some witnesses to the incident were not in court.