Fewer knives seized in Limerick last year

Some of the knives seized in during a Garda raid in Limerick in 2018.

THE NUMBER of knife seizures across Limerick is on the decline, according to figures published by the Department of Justice (DOJ) last week.

74 knife seizures were reported across the city and county in 2022, in contrast with 102 seizures in 2017.

This downward trend marks Limerick as an outlier nationally, with many Irish cities and major urban areas seeing an increase over the same seven-year period.

Cork City saw an increase in seizures in the same period, going from 97 in 2017 to 128 in 2022. Galway too saw an increase, with 76 knives seized in 2017 increasing to 105 in 2022.

According to the DOJ figures, knife seizures nationally have almost doubled in the last seven years, with 2,146 knives being taken by Gardaí last year alone.

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