Limerick thieves targeting Toyota Prius catalytic converters

Toyota Prius catalytic converter

GARDAÍ in Limerick are warning car owners of a potential theft risk which applies in particular to Toyota Prius models.

Catalytic converters have been stolen from cars in Newcastle West, Adare, and Kildimo in recent times, according to Limerick Garda Crime Prevention officer Sgt Ber Leetch.

The Prius is particularly targeted because of how easy it is to remove the catalytic converter and Sgt Leetch is advising owners to park as close to their homes as possible, preferably in a garage.

Other crime prevention tips include parking in such a way that thieves cannot jack up the car to get access to its underside.

The value of catalytic converters for recycling is the main attraction to thieves, because they contain precious metals such as rhodium, platinum and palladium.

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