Ten years of Music Generation Limerick City celebrated on Sunday 21

MUSIC Generation was launched in Limerick in 2013, since then over five million euro has been invested in providing young people in Limerick with access to creative music making opportunities. 

The celebrations begin on Monday with a Mayoral Reception for the team and culminates with a huge festival at Dolans (All Ages – Access All Areas) on Sunday May 21. The festival will be four stages over  six hours with over 40 acts all celebrating 10 years of Music Generation Limerick City.

Origins of Music Generation 

Music Generation is a national partnership programme which aims to transform children and young people’s lives by giving them opportunities to create, play and perform music in their own communities. Funded and supported by U2, The Ireland Funds and the Department of Education, lead singer Bono set out the programme’s vision for MG, “What we want to do is really simple. We just want to make sure that everyone, whatever their background, gets access to music tuition. That’s the idea.”

Boris Hunka, Music Generation Limerick. Photo: Cian Reinhardt

Limerick Post chatted with Boris Hunka Co-ordinator of Music Generation Limerick City who has a long and varied career as a musician, producer and teacher.

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Limerick’s Generation 

Limerick City’s Music Generation was one of the first nationally to be established and Boris was right there at the start as the project was being developed.

“So when we started there was no template at all. There wasn’t really any funding. It was all match funding. So it was very much, here’s a blank piece of paper and you draw on it. Which was fantastic. 

“We put together a team not of established music teachers, we had an electrician and a cleaner but they were also the same people who were the most established players on the scene. 

“They had never worked in music before they were all in indie bands. There had never been a route to both do your musical thing and earn money.

“Those early days were great, building it and forming the shape of Music Generation Limerick City around the people we had.”

Music Generation Limerick City (MGLC) has employed the cream of Limerick artists as tutors and mentors. Over the ten years the team has included a wide range of Limerick talent, including Denise Chaila, Godknows Jonas, Murli Boevi, MynameisJohn, Naïve Ted, Kira, Abe Soare, Sean O’Meara, Michelle Grimes, JaYne and members of bands including Hermitage Green, Leading Armies, Toucan, Windings, Protobaby and many more. 

Limerick Voices

Limerick Voices is probably the best known programme at MGLC. a Saturday teen programme, open to all, that has helped transform countless young lives, and laid the ground for Limerick’s thriving youth music scene. 

“You can see the direct impact the programme has had on Limerick and the music scene. The fact that they came through as part of a community and supported by peer support.”

Limerick artists such as Powpig, Strange Boy, Willzee, 50 Foot Woman, Dylan Flynn and the Dead Poets, Hazey Haze and many more who started out in this mentoring programme.

“The programme is completely non-directive. Our musicians don’t go in and show them how not to play. They literally just provide a space and a bit of support and diplomacy here and there. 

“It’s also been really significant in the number of people who’ve come in who have had issues such as sort of crippling social anxiety and just seeing them find a tribe and really flourish and flower and gain confidence. 

“And that’s really fundamental to their lives, not necessarily going into musical careers, but just going on to be able to flourish in the world. And we know we’ve had a key role to play in that.”

The Future 

So after ten productive years, what does the future look like for MGLC?

“Well, we’re in a different phase now. 

“We’re just always trying to expand how to creatively bring music to people in situations like classrooms or community settings. 

“So having spent those first ten years getting bigger we will spend the next five years getting better.”

https://www.dolans.ie for tickets.: €12 for over 18’s, €8 for under 18’s. 

The lineup for MGLC 10
Denise Chaila, Abe Soare, BPLO, Dylan Flynn and the Dead Poets, JaYne, King Pallas, Kira, Kirichenko, Laura Duff, Michelle Grimes, Naïve Ted, Pity of the Sea and Sean O’Meara.
The MGLC rap allstars – feat. Godknows, Murli, Strange Boy, Hazey, Willzee, Citrus, Krome, Big Man Davey, Harry Kelly, MCB, Nathan Keane, Size.
50 Foot Woman, CDC 99.9, Dead Sun Rising, Dried Mangos, Pralium, Racun, Red Satin, Salted Currents, The Velvets, Wild Division. The Kabin, Cork Music Mash-up, Libra Strings, Laois Trad Ensemble, Limerick Voices, Screw Loose wind band, Waterford Trad ensemble.
And introducing …The Spontaneous Creativity Collective.