27 Limerick workers at risk over Cook Medical job losses

The Cook Medical European headquarters in Castletroy.

27 EMPLOYEES of Cook Medical in Limerick could be impacted by the company’s decision to reduce their global workforce by 500.

The announcement was made on Monday by company chief executive Pete Yonkman who said it was part of their five year plan informed by feedback from customers, employees and leadership teams.

Cook Medical currently employ more than 800 people at their European base in Castletroy.

In an email sent to all company employees, Mr Yonkman said that the decision was “a very hard choice, and not one that we have made without significant thought.”

Steps like this are especially difficult because they impact the lives of people we have come to respect as colleagues and friends. But it is a decision that we are convinced is critical to achieving our long-term success and our vision for who we want to be as an organization.”

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A spokeswoman for Cook Medical told the Limerick Post that 27 employees at the Castletroy facility are potentially impacted, but it is not yet known for sure if staff in Limerick will lose their jobs.