Limerick addict “putting money in the pockets of drug dealers”

Judge Patricia Harney.

A 32-year-old Limerick man who relapsed after a period clean of drugs has been told by a judge that he is “putting money in the pockets of drug-dealers”.

Before the Limerick District Court was Dean O’Connor, of Kane Street, Killalea, Limerick.

The court heard evidence that Gardaí were called to Mr O’Connor’s address and found him banging on the door and “behaving aggressively”.

“When the Garda arrived, he turned his aggression on him, shouting abuse,” a Garda Inspector told the court.

“He said ‘I’m from Moyross, don’t forget that you scummy b*st*rd’, and ‘I’ll bate the face off ya, you evil b*st*rd’,” the inspector continued.

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Mr O’Connor pleaded guilty to obstruction of a Garda.

Judge Patricia Harney heard that the man had 31 previous convictions, including theft, public order offences, possession of a knife, and false imprisonment.

Mr O’Connor’s solicitor said that he was “nineteen before he came to the attention of the court” and that he was working but began to abuse substances and they “took control of his life”.

The solicitor said Mr O’Connor had served a prison sentence but has been at liberty since 2019 without incident.

The court heard that Mr O’Connor had a “very significant relapse” on the date of the offence before the court, and that he does not recall anything about it but has apologised.

Referring to the fact that he had taken drugs on the occasion, Judge Harney said Mr O’Connor is “putting money in the pockets of drug dealers and associating with criminals”.

However she said she would “give him a chance to engage meaningfully with the drugs and probation services”.

“If he doesn’t, I’ll give him a chance to detox in jail.”

She remanded him on bail until September 15 for a probation report.