New album from Limerick artist JaYne: Test passed with flying colours of soul and jazz soundtracking a deep dive into the past


LIMERICK soul/jazz singer/songwriter JaYne will release her first solo album, Pass The Test, this Friday May 19.
Announcing its arrival last week, JaYne stated on her instagram page “I FINALLY PASSED THIS TEST!!!” Two years in the making, ‘Pass the Test’ gets its title from a drive to complete something of her own. The Limerick singer began releasing as a solo artist in 2021 having previously worked as a topliner and session singer in the U.K.
Announcing the release she added,
“I believe that life throws tests at you when you’re ready to grow. I’ve had a lot of fun failing tests in my life, I’ve meandered along many roads, I’ve gotten lost a fair few times also. Finishing an album has always been a goal and I’ve started more than once!”

Limerick Post chatted with JaYne about family, jazz and self reflection.
The album’s cover features a wonderful photo of JaYne as a child in her father’s arms as she makes circles with her hands, as if looking into her future.
“My father (Mike Fraser) was a very well known singer and played drums in loads of different bands around town like The Blue Beats.”
So I thought it was only right to put him in the front because he really gave me music.
“He was always singing to me. Even when I was in the womb, my mother says when she came along to his gigs, I was going mad!”
On the album, the song Circles sees JaYne reflect on childhood memories, re-framing things and noticing echoes of the child still within.
“That song is about family. “Realising that my parents were younger than I am now when they were having me. And I still haven’t a clue what I’m doing with my life.
“So realising that your parents are just trying to find their way as well, trying to bring up a kid and do what’s right and probably not having much of a clue. It was that idea that we all have a child in us.”
When the band saw the image of JaYne originally meant to be the cover for the release of Circles as a single, they convinced her that it was the perfect album cover.

Many of the songs on the album are inspired by JaYne taking a deep dive into her past and attempting to heal some stuff that was holding her back.
Part of the process was taking part in a structured online therapy course during lockdown.
“You were going back into childhood, writing down memories and then you’re meditating on that and you’re looking ahead into your future. Thinking about what you want going forward.
“And that was the genesis for a lot of my songwriting at the time as well.
“And once you get into that creative flow, all sorts of ideas start coming out as well.
“So it was great to have the space to write, to be writing all the time.”

Another standout track on the album is Netflix and Breakfast.
She reveals the song comes from, “a time when I wasn’t up to much! aside from watching Friends, chilling in my bed and writing this song!”
It’s a clever song, about living in the twilight world of creativity with complete freedom.

Quirky skits make an occasional appearance with conversations layered on top of spacious ambient vocals and noodling distant guitars.
JaYne put the segues together over time while recording the songs.
“The very final one was me calling my mother to tell her that I had finished all the songs and she didn’t know she was being recorded.
“She then asked if she would get royalties.” laughs.

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The album is a coming together of over ten musicians and two producers, with quality features throughout including guitars by Sam Killeen, Sean O’Meara and Paddy Shanahan.
Pass The Test was mixed by Ben Wanders (Wanderland Record Studios) and produced by Ben and Danny Lanham (Dry Lane Studios).
“Danny Lanham wrote six of the tunes with me and Conor Broderick wrote three.
“Ben (Wanders) brought so much to the production, he produced all of it.
“Danny did some production on his six tracks but Ben took all ten tracks and put his spin on everything. So it was a proper collaboration between the three studios and Conor as well.
“Richard Dowling mastered it and he helped me loads with it. So a proper all-Limerick affair between everything.”

The community of creatives in and around Dry Lane Studios have worked tremendously well to produce such a high quality album. Is it a supportive environment for JaYne to work in?
“It is generally supportive, there is also competition in the air but it’s a good place to be.”
‘Pass The Test is beautiful listen from one of Limerick’s most soulful and distinctive voices. Available on digital formats from Friday May 19.
JaYne plays an intimate gig with a full band at Dry Lane Studios on Thursday May 25. Connect with JaYne for details at
Expect to hear more from JaYne and the band in the Autumn. to stream / support the artist.