Limerick people repaying Paddy’s acts of kindness

Paddy with his beloved dog Scooch.

A MAN who has helped several good causes the length and breadth of Limerick now needs help himself, and his friends are stepping up to answer the call.

Paddy Doyle from Clare Street was one of the first people to campaign for LGBTQ+ rights and visibility in Limerick. He is known widely as a friend and ally to many.

His long-time friend, Celine Hickey from Castletroy, who has started a GoFundMe page for Paddy, explained that the popular local man has been diagnosed with stage four cancer at just 55 years of age.

“He has been given a maximum of two years to live. It is in his bones, so he really can’t walk or get about.

“Our original aim was to raised €4,000 to buy him a mobility scooter and a ramp, but there are numerous other expenses. We were stunned to see that the latest donations have hit €10,000.

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“Any money that we raise will be used to help Paddy make the very best of the time he has and to go on living the very active and involved life that he enjoys.”

Celine said that Paddy “was out and proud in the 1980s when it was still illegal to be gay”.

“He was involved with pubs and clubs and events and he worked with a helpline for people who needed to talk and had nowhere to turn.

“He has helped so many people, not just in the LGBTQ+  community but good causes and charities all over Limerick.

“Everyone knows him from meeting for a coffee and chatting. He’s helped so many people with issues or just giving them an ear an advice, it’s only right that we give something back. And we really want thank all of the people who have already contributed, both financially and emotionally to support Paddy.”

Anyone who would like to donate to Celine’s fundraising campaign can do so here