Limerick people urged to check their blood pressure ‘Before Damage is Done’

PEOPLE in Limerick have been urged to have their blood pressure checked as part of a new campaign to drive awareness of its dangers.

The Irish Heart Foundation’s (IHF) ‘Before Damage is Done’ initiative highlights the link between high blood pressure and heart disease and stroke.

The ‘silent killer’ affects two out of three over-50s – but because it is symptomless, half may not know they have it.

Adults living in Limerick, especially those aged over 50, are asked to have their blood pressure checked with their GP or local pharmacy.

The Irish Heart Foundation also run a Mobile Health Unit (MHU) that checks blood pressure and pulse free of charge.

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During a heart health check, Irish Heart Foundation expert nurses will check people’s blood pressure and pulse and provide heart health information and lifestyle advice.

A pulse check could help detect atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heartbeat which can lead to heart damage or a stroke.

According to the IHF, “research has shown that only half of people with high blood pressure are aware that they have the condition”

Their advice is that all adults over the age of 30 to have their blood pressure checked at least once a year.