Gardaí warn members of the public to protect their personal property

Limerick Garda Crime Prevention Officer Sgt Ber Leetch

PEOPLE in Limerick are advised to take care of their personal property when out and about in the city and county.

Sergeant Ber Leetch, Crime Prevention Officer at Henry Street Garda Station, said that Gardaí had recently been made aware of thefts of personal belongings from various locations.

A man in his twenties went to the gym on May 25, leaving his wallet and items of clothing in a locker in the changing rooms.

When the man got back from his workout, he discovered that his items had been taken from the locker as he did not put a lock on the door.

On Saturday May 27, a woman in her sixties was shopping in a city centre supermarket and left her handbag sitting in her shopping trolley.

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Some time after the theft occurred, the lady realised that her purse had been taken from her handbag, which gave the thieves the opportunity to get away.

Sgt Leetch advised people to never leave their valuables easily accessible.

“Gardaí know that criminals are always on the lookout for a chance to take from people, do not give them the chance. always protect your property by keeping it on you or locking it up,” she advised.

With the good weather upon us, Sgt Leetch also advised people to never leave car windows open and make sure car doors are locked at all times when left unattended.

“Some motorists may leave their car windows open in an effort to keep the car cool and, of course, this attracts a thief. Always close your windows and lock your car,” she said.

“A man in his forties parked his car in the Castletroy area on May 27. The following day he discovered that his laptop and €2,000 in cash had been taken from his car overnight. As there wasn’t any damage to the car, it is clear that the car was left unlocked.”

“I don’t believe that people deliberately leave their cars unlocked, but no car is definitely locked until you check the door handle to test it,” Sgt Leetch concluded.