City park patrons being caught short to spend a penny

Aontú Limerick representative Eric Nelligan

THE call of nature has left many Limerick people red-faced when they have found themselves stuck to spend a penny in the city’s parks.

Local Aontú campaigner Eric Nelligan expressed his frustration this week that no toilet facilities are to be found in Limerick’s local parks in people’s moment of need.

“With the fabulous weather over the past fortnight, it’s likely half the population of Limerick has visited their local park. The trip to the park is a very pleasant way to pass a few hours but as many a parent will testify, when their child receives the call of nature, having the necessary facilities close by is a God send,” Mr Nelligan told the Limerick Post.

The lack of toilet facilities at our public parks, he believes, shows a lack of planning and foresight for the needs of the park/playground users.

“My local park in Castletroy has recently been upgraded. The playing facilities for the children are top class, and for this the council must be praised. The quality and variety to cater for all ages really makes a visit to the park with my children a happy experience,” the Aontú campaigner said.

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“The neighbourhood park in Castletroy was upgraded last year at a cost of €350,000. An issue I noticed from the start was that no toilet facilities were planned with the development, however, I was heartened when in March 2021, over a year before the upgrade work was complete, it was announced that funding was to be allocated for the installation of public toilets,” he added.

Mr Nelligan went onto say that he has contacted the council four times to check on the status of the statement.

’Last week I finally received a written reply simply stating, ‘The project is currently at an early stage, and it is hoped the toilets will be in situ later this year’.

“This statement does not fill me with confidence. It seems to me that despite an announcement 28 months ago, it seems that no plans have been drawn, no funding allocated, no contractor chosen and no start date in sight.

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed the ‘comfort station’ will be operational for the annual Leaving Cert heat wave in June 2024,” he concluded.