New scams reported to Gardaí in Limerick

PEOPLE in Limerick have once again been warned about sophisticated new scams doing the rounds in the area.

Gardaí received a report about a ruse in which a man in the Ardagh area of Limerick was almost scammed out of €10,000.

The man in his seventies received a phone call from a woman he didn’t know offering to sell him shares in a company.

According to Gardaí, he told the caller he needed time to think about it, and she provided him with an IBAN, telling him to not delay as the shares could then be sold on the stock market for a profit.

The man thought about it, researched the company, and once he was satisfied that they were legitimate, he decided to invest. He attempted to transfer €10,000 to the IBAN the unknown caller provided.

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Luckily the man’s bank noticed the transaction and flagged it with him. He was them able to contact the named company in question, who told him that they weren’t currently selling any shares and that he was being scammed.

Sergeant Ber Leetch, Crime Prevention Officer Henry Street Garda Station, said that scams like these will often express a sense of urgency to get people to make a snap decision.

“Criminals usually claim that there is an urgency and it is a once off offer for a short period of time,” she explained.

“I think that people need to slow down, think, and chat with a trusted friend or family member before investing in anything,” Sgt Leetch advised.

Meanwhile, Gardaí were made aware of another scam that befell a man in Westbury.

The man came across an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and made contact with a seller who purported to be working with a reputable company.

He decided to purchase the item and sent €180 to an account number that was provided by the person he was messaging.

The man subsequently got in touch with the company directly, who told him that they did not sell items on Facebook Marketplace.

Sgt Leetch advised: “Facebook does caution its users that they do not provide any buyer or seller protection, so it is essential to take precautions when buying or selling items.”

“This is good advice,” she said. “So take it.”