GAA star Tom Morrissey switches off social media

Limerick’s Tom Morrissey has a clever way of avoiding the pressure of social media. Photo: Piaras Ó Mídheach.

HUGELY talented Tom Morrissey has revealed his personal plan to block out the negativity of social media in his life.  

The Ahane hurling magician says he has tailored his own social media presences to prohibit certain words from appearing on his feeds.  

“I talk to Richie English and he’s a man who tells me you can block all words on social media so you can be sure I have ‘Limerick’, I have ‘hurling’, I have all other opposition teams blocked on Twitter and stuff, so I don’t really see much of it to be honest,” Morrissey explained.  

“There are ways to shelter yourself from it. You can talk about what you want to talk about, we have business to do and that’s what we do,” he stated in the wake of the magical defeat of Cork. 

“Look we’ve been around the block a long time, we’ve a lot of experience in that. Maybe each player might be different, I don’t delve into it that much (outside talk), I don’t really come across it that much. 

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 “To be honest, it didn’t really play on our mind (run-up to Cork fixture), I think I speak for the whole panel that was involved, we get excited with games like that. It doesn’t affect us that we might be out but knock-out hurling does excite us and gives a bit of an edge to a game. 

“We weren’t focusing on the negative side of knock-out hurling, we relish that challenge, we love it. These are the days you play for. You train so hard and I don’t think you let the negatives seep in.” 

Added Diarmaid Byrnes: “People talk, the media talk. They need their reference points. They need something to talk about. They need their likes and shares on Instagram and Twitter.” 

Having Sligo native Caroline Currid, sports psychologist, still in the Limerick camp is surely also a welcome boost when it comes to dealing with the pressures of online media.