Dublin races Limerick to the polls for Directly Elected Mayor

Labour Party Councillor Conor Sheehan

LABOUR Party councillor Conor Sheehan has deemed it “farcical” that the Government this week announced a plebiscite for a Directly Elected Mayor in Dublin when Limerick is still without an election date — four years after voting for a Directly Elected Mayor to be installed.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced in County Mayo last Thursday that Dubliners may be given the chance to vote on whether they want to elect a mayor during the local elections next year.

He explained that reports on the election of a DEM must now be referred to a joint Oireachtas committee before a decision could be made by government.

Limerick City North councillor Conor Sheehan took the view that it doesn’t inspire confidence for Dublin if they cannot even bring the legislation through and hold the election for the Directly Elected Mayor of Limerick.

“This Government is just announcement after announcement after announcement. When will they set the date for the election of the Limerick Directly Elected Mayor?” he asked.
“This is not rocket science. It’s been done in countless jurisdictions around the world. The Scottish and Welsh devolution referendums were held less than 18 months before the devolved parliaments first sat.
“The fact that Government could make this announcement with a straight face after denying the people of Limerick the democracy they voted for four years ago is laughable.
“The printers cannot believe their luck with this Government, all spin and no substance. I would say to the people of Dublin, if it’s anything like the Limerick DEM, don’t hold your breath.”
Legislation for Limerick’s Directly Elected Mayor (DEM) is set to be published this month.