Limerick Green Party councillor objects to planning grant at Annacotty Business Park

Green Party councillor Seán Hartigan

GREEN Party councillor Seán Hartigan has objected to Limerick City and County Council’s (LCCC) granting of planning permission at Annacotty Business Park.

Cllr Hartigan told the Limerick Post that he welcomes the expansion of this development, which will increase employment opportunities at the business park. However, the City East representative first wants to see the local authority provide adequate safe cycling, walking, and scooting infrastructure on the R506.

“All vehicular traffic accessing Annacotty Business Park has to travel on the R506. This road is subject to high traffic levels particularly in mornings and evenings, many of which travel at speeds in excess of the speed limit — this can be confirmed from accessing data on the driver feedback signs on the R506,” he said.

Cllr Hartigan is of the view that additional vehicular traffic on the road will compromise the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and car drivers and lead to further congestion at the junction of the R445 and R506.

“A significant percentage of employees at Annacotty Business Park travel to work along the R506 on foot, by bicycle, and by electric scooter. The path is also used by residents and students travelling from and to Ahane National School.

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“Walking and cycling infrastructure to the business park along the R506 is inadequate. The path, particularly the section close to the flyover is too narrow and pedestrians, even when on the path, can be dangerously close to the mirrors of passing trucks.”

The Green Party councillor deemed it extremely dangerous to cycle on the R506 from the junction with the R404 due to the narrow carriageway, high levels/ speed of traffic and a high percentage of wide good vehicles using the road.

“Most cyclist and electric scooter users recognise this and use the path to cycle or scoot on, in both directions. While this is illegal and not ideal, from a personal safety point, it is the only sensible course of action. Further development of Annacotty Business Park will increase pedestrian, scooting and cycling traffic on this narrow path and further compromise the safety of path users,” Cllr Hartigan warned.

He is calling on Limerick City and County Council to work with all stakeholders to provide a fully protected cycle lane all the way from the R445 Annacotty Business Park before there is any further development at the site.