Has Love Island turned swimwear into a fashion op?

Leah Taylor’s halter neck cut-out swimsuit is so close to being clothing.

THIS SEASON of Love Island has captivated us all with its thrilling twists, including a shake-up of the usual format, surprise comebacks from previous season islanders, and the return of dumped islanders from this season.

It seems that after a disappointing winter series, the producers have taken taken some much needed time to think and re-evaluate the format.

However, one thing that remains consistent is the islanders’ fashion and swimwear choices, which have always been top-tier. What’s more, Love Island has coupled up with eBay, stocking the contestants’ wardrobes with pre-loved fashion.

This season, marking the show’s 10th anniversary, islanders have truly embraced new styles of swimwear that are rarely seen on your everyday beaches. Some of the swimwear pieces could easily pass as regular clothing, leading me to question: When did the beach become a runway?

Leah Taylor

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Case in point, Leah Taylor stepped into a black number that caught my eye. The cut-out swimsuit is unique in its halter neck style and offers stylish support with shoulder straps.

Its appearance is so close to being clothing that you’d imagine it paired with jeans or a skirt.

I feel like this style of bikini is reserved for the influencer/reality series folks because I just can’t imagine it being worn and walked along the shores of Lahinch, though more power to you if you do.

Mal Nicol

Mal Nicol’s silver cut-out one-piece might turn a few heads on Irish beaches.

While she may have left the villa, Mal left behind some memorable looks while sitting poolside.

One that caught my attention was the silver cut-out one-piece. The colour choice isn’t the only part that goes beyond the basic bikini or swimsuit as it features an underwired bust, an asymmetrical neckline, and an under-bust cut-out.

It’s a rather striking piece that I love on her but would be terrified to step into myself. It does make me wonder if this is the direction future swimwear is heading. It’s both a little humorous and nerve-wracking to imagine Irish beaches stocked full of Love Island-inspired swimsuits though.

Kady McDermott

Kady McDermott’s puffy sleeves may leave some room for water wings.

Lastly, let’s talk about the return of Kady McDermott. Since reclaiming her islander status, and even back in season two, she has showcased a variety of stunning swimwear styles day after day.

One of her standout choices is a black lace-up bikini that can seamlessly transition from day to night. The sleeve detail is often accompanied by off-the-shoulder dresses and tops.

Or maybe the puffy sleeves serve as a floatation device of some kind. It’s hard to tell. But Kady sure does look incredible, regardless of the design process for her beachwear.

Let’s get real

When discussing this phenomenally popular show and its islanders, it’s important to acknowledge the amount of time, effort, and work (good, bad, or indifferent) they put into their appearance for their TV debuts, and the emphasis the show itself puts on physical appearance in general.

Let’s face it, the fact that bikinis and swimwear are such a standout feature of the show says it all.

And while Love Island producers have started to embrace more diverse body types, and rightly so, the contestants still typically have well-defined… well everything, so we still have a ways to go on representation.

Remember, these personalties should not be held as the standard of beauty, and it’s okay to skip an episode or two where negative feelings arise.
All bodies are bikini bodies, remember that.