The solar revolution is on the way, says Limerick Green Party TD

Green Party TD Brian Leddin announcement as very positive, saying that the nation is "30 per cent ahead of the retrofitting target".

A SOLAR power surge is paving the way for clean energy revolution in Ireland.

That’s according to Green Party TD Brian Leddin, as the Government prepared to approve supports for businesses to invest in solar for their own power generation.

Deputy Leddin welcomed the grants for businesses that will range from €2,700 up to €162,500 and will support the installation of panels and associated infrastructure.

“With these substantial grants we are empowering businesses to harness the immense potential of solar energy and paving the way for a clean energy transition in Ireland,” the Limerick politician said.

“This new scheme is in addition to the solar schools scheme. Every school in the country will get solar panels. We’ll begin to see the first schools connected over the summer,” he said.

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“Furthermore, the domestic rooftop solar generation has taken off significantly in the last 12 months. This remarkable progress is a result of a series of Government measures implemented in the last few years, such as the removal of the requirement for planning permission.

“This move has allowed individuals and businesses to install solar panels without bureaucratic obstacles. Additionally, the Government’s decision to eliminate VAT on solar panels in May has made solar energy more accessible and affordable. And measures brought in to ensure that owners of domestic rooftop solar get paid for any excess power that they produce is certainly helping too,” Deputy Leddin added.

The amount of power being generated by solar is growing at an extraordinary rate. Across the month of May, solar generated 2.5 per cent of Ireland’s electricity, and it was up to 10 per cent at times, greater than peat, oil and hydro generation.

The figure excludes domestic rooftop solar, which also has significant potential.

By the end of 2023, ESB Networks forecasts almost 1GW of solar will be connected from domestic rooftop to utility-scale solar projects. This makes the solar industry the fastest growing renewable power source in Ireland.