Cappamore fourth generation farmer is grassroots believer

Fourth generation dairy farmer Gearoid Maher.

LIMERICK dairy famer Gearoid Maher, a fourth-generation dairy farmer from Cappamore in County Limerick, will be telling the world about the work on his farm in a new TV campaign.

Gearoid, whose family have been farming the land since the mid-1800s, stars in the National Dairy Council (NDC) nationwide marketing campaign which aims to introduce the Grass Roots Movement to consumers across Ireland.

The campaign aims to bring together the strength of Ireland’s dairy industry, creating a united front on environmental sustainability to ensure a successful future for Irish dairy.

The NDC says it wants to “demonstrate real progress while ensuring that everyone knows dairy farmers are committed to change and improvement.”

All advertisements will invite people to visit to learn more about what is happening on the ground.

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The Cappamore farmer and NDC farm ambassador, Gearoid Maher, said: “I am really proud to be part of this campaign. As a farmer and proud father, I am passionate about farming more sustainably, to nurture the land and to ensure a positive future for the next generation – this is the heart of the Grass Roots Movement. ”

“I want everyone to know about this work and know that they can continue to be proud of the Irish dairy – which as we all know is globally renowned”.

“Farming is all too often portrayed negatively, particularly when it comes to environmental impact.  The full story of Irish dairy farming is one that needs to be communicated and understood as the national discourse continues to target dairy farming as an environmental challenge, without reference to the work that is already ongoing by myself and thousands of Ireland’s hard-working farmers”.

A NDC spokesperson said that “dairy farming has been taking place in Ireland for over 6,000 years and we are all proud of Irish dairy products which are globally renowned.  We can’t lose sight of this.  We need to ensure that our dairy farmers, and the work that they do, are represented fairly – that the full story is told.