Margot goes retro with iconic Barbie looks

Margot Robbie’s original Swimsuit Barbie look.

FIRSTLY, happy Barbie movie release month to all who celebrate. You’ll undoubtedly have seen social media shrouded in a blanket of pink on the lead up to the film’s long-awaited release on July 21.

Greta Gerwig has taken Mattel’s iconic fashion doll and turned it into one of this year’s most anticipated movie releases, and with that, inspired a rebirth of Barbie-inspired looks on the run up to the film’s opening day.

Most of us grew up playing with Barbie and Ken dolls, so the big injection of nostalgia is welcome. Margot Robbie, of course, stars as Barbie, alongside Ryan Gosling as Ken. The iconic duo are joined by Michael Cera, Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, Emma Mackey, and, of course, Ireland’s own Nicola Coughlan.

During a recent press tour ahead of the release, Robbie, in a genius move, revived some of Barbie’s most signature looks brought to human size and into the 21st century. Let’s just say Robbie’s stylist, Andrew Mukamal, is absolutely nailing it.

The Original – Swimsuit Barbie (1959)

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The original swimsuit Barbie.

A fresh take on a Barbie classic saw Robbie dressed in a reimagining of the black and white zebra striped bathing costume worn by the first and original Barbie. I love that Robbie’s stylist has gone back to the beginning of Barbie’s story, creating nostalgic call-backs that resonate with fans. From the sunglasses to the sleek wavy ponytail, Robbie was a carbon copy of this Barbie that debuted in 1959. The incredibly figure-flattering dress adaptation of the bathing suit was a Hervé Léger design that paid homage to the classic Ruth Handler doll, named for her daughter Barbara.

Day to Night Barbie (1985)

Margot’s Day Barbie look.

Robbie transported fans back to 1985 by reviving Day-to-Night Barbie during the South Korean leg of the press tour. Dressed in bubble-gum pink from head to toe, she revived the doll’s iconic outfit, which was launched in the mid-80s as a celebration of women in the workplace.
Robbie donned a Versace soft pink power suit paired with Barbie’s accessories, including a chic hat, and purse, and instead of the calculator that came with the 80s Barbie, Robbie had a more modern take as she posed with a large mobile phone for eager fans. Iconic.

Totally Hair Barbie (1992)

Margot’s Totally Hair Barbie ensemble.

This one is a real personal favourite. The funky, colourful ensemble, along with Robbie’s hair, has 90s written all over it. Every minor detail seems to have been considered, from the earrings and shoes to the emblematic 90s hair crimping.
Fun fact: The Totally Hair doll holds the record for being the highest-selling Barbie in history.

Every time I come across a new look, I think to myself, ‘this stylist deserves a raise’. From the research to the sourcing, they are committed to delivering Barbie’s iconic looks and have struck gold every time.