Concerns raised over surfacing of R512 at Cat’s Cradle

The R512 in Ballyneety. Photo: Google Maps.

ANTI-SKID road surfacing on the R512 at The Cat’s Cradle in Ballyneety has given the surface more grip and seen the area turned into a rally track.

That was the concern raised at this month’s Metropolitan District meeting by Fine Gael councillor Sarah Kiely. The City East representative called on the Council for additional funding to be made available for the road to address the dangerous conditions and to try prevent further accidents.

“The residents and business owners in the area, as well as other road users, have asked me to raise this issue,” Cllr Kiely told the council executive.

“I understand there has been works completed at this location previously, with a low-cost safety measure as well as anti-skid surface installed.

“It isn’t working to reduce speed unfortunately; driver behaviour is the problem. However, as a council, if we can address this, we have an obligation to do so. This is affecting businesses in the area as people are afraid their safety is at risk.”

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The Fine Gael woman went on to suggest that the National Transport Authority (NTA) are awash with money.

“So let’s get them to put some of their money to good use at this location.

“I understand the engineers are in contact with the Gardaí on this matter, and that is to be welcomed, however, as public representatives we need to put the pressure on to address this once and for all.

“A local farmer told me that an engine from one of the accidents is still in his field. This demonstrates the speed and impact this issue can have.

“The loss of life is the ultimate price and we need to do everything we can to prevent this happening.”

Fianna Fáil councillor Catherine Slattery fully supported Cllr Kiely’s motion and told council management that anything that could be done, must be done.

In response, Senior Executive Engineer Mike Richardson said that the Council’s Roads Department have recently installed significant safety measures on the R512 at the Cat’s Cradle, Ballyneety in recent months.

“These new measures will need to be reviewed over a period of time to determine their impact on road safety. It is not envisaged to implement any further measures at this point. In conjunction with these new safety improvements Limerick City and County Council Roads have also contacted the Gardaí to review speed enforcement at this location,” Mr Richardson explained.