No plans for Columbarium Walls in Cappamore-Kilmallock district

Independent councillor Brigid Teefy.

THE Council have confirmed it has no plans to develop Columbarium Walls within cemeteries in Cappamore-Kilmallock Municipal District.

However, in response to a question from Cllr Brigid Teefy, Director of Services Vincent Murray explained that the local authority are creating cremation plots in new cemeteries currently being developed.

“There are 34 cremation plots being provided as part of the newly-developed burial ground extension in Ballylanders, each capable of accommodating multiple cremated remains and, where feasible, within existing burial grounds in order to facilitate the growing demand for the internment of ashes,” he said.

The incorporation of cremated plots is being considered in accordance with the Burial Grounds Strategy, where seven per cent of all burials in the Cappamore-Kilmallock District were cremations.