Gardaí advise against carrying large sums of cash to prevent ‘jugging’ thefts

A LIMERICK Garda has advised people using large amounts of money to use electronic financial transactions instead of cash in order to protect themselves from becoming the victim of “bank jugging” thefts.

“Bank jugging” (or “jugging”) is a term used by An Garda Síochána, and police forces throughout the world, to describe a situation in which thieves follow customers suspected of carrying large quantities of cash from a bank or a financial institution and steal the unsuspecting person’s money.

“The thieves follow the customer with the cash and then attempt to take the cash by using force or else break into the customer’s car if they believe that the money is locked inside,” said Garda John Finnerty of Henry Street Garda Station.

“We are advising the general public to avoid using cash altogether. Simply transfer the funds electronically.”

“If you must use cash, be discreet and aware of your surroundings as you enter and leave the financial institution and always vary your routes and times of cash drops and collections,” advised Garda Finnerty.

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“Keep the cash on your person and don’t leave it in your car, and if you think that you are being followed, telephone 999 or 112 and drive to a Garda Station,” he added.