Citizen’s Corner: Student Grant Scheme

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Q. My daughter sat her Leaving Cert this year and is hoping to go to college in September. What kind of grants are available to help with her costs? How do we qualify and where do we apply?

What an exciting time for your daughter and I wish her well with her results.

As a starting point, your daughter could apply for funding under the Student Grant Scheme (SGS). The SGS, or SUSI grant, is the main financial support scheme for students studying in Ireland. The grant is awarded by Student Universal Support Ireland.

Student grants come in two forms: the maintenance grants that help students with their living costs; and the fee grants that pay tuition fees for students who do not qualify for the Free Fees Scheme.

If you get the maintenance grant, you also get the fee grant. Some students only get the fee grant.

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The grant rate you get depends on various factors, including your level of income, the distance you normally live from the college, and whether you are classified as a ‘disadvantaged’ student.

How to qualify for a student grant

To qualify for a student grant, you must meet all the conditions of the scheme.

These include a nationality condition, a residence condition, and a means test. You must also be attending an approved course of study and progressing from your previous level of study.

Students do not qualify if they already received a grant for the maximum number of years allowed for the level of study they are undertaking.

How to apply for a student grant

Applications for the 2023-2024 stream of student grants opened on April 13. All applications must be made online, though students do not need to know what course they will be studying when applying, so there is no need to wait for CAO offers before applying.

You can register directly with SUSI using your Personal Public Service (PPS) number, an email address, and a phone number. This can be done by visiting

You can also use your verified MyGovID account to create a login for your SUSI account without having to register directly with SUSI.

Some helpful information on the application process is available on the SUSI website at

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