Gardaí warn of roving gangs making house calls in Limerick

Henry Street Garda Station.

GARDAÍ have issued a public warning about roving criminal gangs making house calls throughout Limerick City and County.

According to local Gardaí, the gangs have been reported as posing as tradesmen or public officials in order to gain entry to homes before cynically exploiting the unsuspecting homeowner’s trust.

The gangs have been known to present themselves as salesmen offering goods door-to-door or as tradesmen providing gutter cleaning, power washing, or tarmacadam laying services.

Gardaí say these gangs have also been posing as “officials of some description” in order to gain the trust of homeowners.

“They usually wear a yellow fluorescent vest. These criminals are con men who prey on the elderly and the vulnerable and they do their best to intimidate them or trick them into buying something or getting some unnecessary jobs done,” said Garda John Finnerty of Henry Street Garda Station.

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“These criminals are opportunistic and versatile and will give all kinds of reasons to try to get into your house.”

Garda Finnerty explains that, once gang members have gained entry to homes, “they will steal any valuable items left unattended”.

According to the Henry Street Garda, the gang’s activity has been observed both in the city and throughout the county.

“Please do not entertain these people. If you suspect that they are a fraud, please contact your nearest Garda station straight away,” he advised.

“Always be satisfied as to a caller’s identity before you do business with them. If you need to get any odd jobs done, get quotations from local tradesmen that are reputable and you know that you can trust. Do not entertain cold callers.

“Remember, you are under no obligation to open your front door to anyone,” Garda Finnerty concluded.