Axa Parks investment at Croom Town Park

AS part of its ambitious biodiversity plan, Croom Community Development Association (CCDA)  has launched its new native Irish Tree Trail in the centre of the village.

The trail is located at Croom Town Park which includes 11 acres of parkland that has been developed by the CCDA over the years.

Bordered by the River Maigue on one side and the town on the other, the park is also home to a modern playground, a fantastic amenity for families from Croom and across the county, as well as adult fitness machines.

Traditionally, the park has been the site of a holy well in what was then known as the Well Meadow. The centre of the park features a Mass rock where Mass is celebrated annually on August 15.

In 2022, Croom Community Development Association completed a biodiversity plan for Croom Town Park and one of the suggestions made by ecologists was to improve the biodiversity paths for important insects and small animal populations.

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Community Foundation Ireland, which assisted with a grant for the biodiversity plan, subsequently promoted a grant under the AXA Parks initiative to fund investment in native trees for Croom Town Park.

The investment in trees saw the Rowan Path broadened to create a second layer of trees, giving the insect and bird population more cover for them to move across the park.

Similarly, there was further investment in silver birch and Scots pine along the lower meadow. The native trees planted were enhanced by the introduction of alder at the Mass Rock –  one native tree which had been missing from the park.

According to David Hurley, chair of Croom Community Development Association, the investment by AXA through their AXA Parks grant, which is facilitated by Community Foundation Ireland, is not only an investment in biodiversity, but an endowment for the community of Croom.

“The planting of trees ensures this green heartland in the centre of Croom for generations to come, enriching the park and enhancing the lives of those who come to work, live and play in Croom,” he said.

Clodagh Ryan, Branch Manager of AXA in Limerick said they were delighted to work with Croom Community Development Association to enhance Croom Town Park.

“AXA Parks initiative is to support sustainable, community-led projects creating or improving green spaces. Croom Town Park is a very worthy recipient and AXA are delighted to be able to assist with the works carried out to enhance Croom Town Park and to educate our younger population about our native trees.”

The Tree Trail map can be found at