Yoga gets to grips with osteoporosis founder Sinead Garry has created a class specifically with people suffering from osteoporosis or osteopenia in mind. Osteoporosis affects thousands of people in Ireland. Often this goes undiagnosed until a fracture is suffered.

People become reluctant to come to classes when they receive the results of their DEXA scan showing one of these conditions. It can be quite a shock to get this diagnosis. The fear is that exercise will cause a fracture. While high impact exercise should be avoided such as running, most yoga and pilates exercises are ideal. This will be a class on the mat and standing.

We will work to strengthen the supporting muscles of the spine. We will add some weights for resistance training to improve bone health. We will use a combination of pilates and yoga exercise which are ideal for injury prevention. These classes are a supportive space for people to meet others and share knowledge about these conditions. It is important to keep moving.

There is lots of exciting workshops and retreats on the Autumn/Winter timetable.

Chair yoga classes run in Ballyneety, Castletroy and Ennis Road. Classes in Raheen coming in October. Keep an eye on the timetable on the website.

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Beginners yoga and beginners Pilates courses start mid September.

ou can book and pay online on or email [email protected] to discuss anything you would like to ask about starting yoga, pilates, Chair yoga or our new Osteoporosis friendly class!