Limerick-based bakery aims to combine nutrition, art and baking

Cosmic Sweets Raspberry pistachio lemon raw cake.

THE OWNER of a Limerick-based small business is aiming to combine nutrition, art and baking with her products.

Amanda Fimiani owns and runs Cosmic Sweets, a holistic and natural baking company that sells homemade gluten free, refined sugar free and vegan sweets and snacks at Limerick’s Milk Market.

Speaking to the Limerick Post, Amanda said that the idea for Cosmic Sweets came about when friends would try her baking and suggested she start selling.

“Basically, I eat like this, I eat in a very holistic and nutritious manor, and I started giving cakes and stuff to my friends, and they told me I should do something with it.  I listened eventually, when I moved to Ireland and I went straight for it,” Amanda explained.

Originally from Canada, Amanda started making her sweet treats while living in London, and says that her art background helps her to be able to make the food she makes visually appealing as well as tasty.

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“My educational background is in visual arts, education and nutrition, and I was a teacher for a bit and didn’t really like it, went to wellness, had clients and stuff like that but it wasn’t really giving me enough purpose I guess, I didn’t want to work in a gym or anything like that,” Amanda said.

“I started baking, I really like to use my hands and being creative, and it kind of encompasses all my different degrees, and all my different interests so it’s slowly growing into more of a wellness unit more than just a bakery, which is quite nice.”

Amanda says that most of her products are completely raw, and that most of them are made using a dehydrator rather than baked in the oven. This means it can take up to three or four days for some products to be ready.

Business has been going well according to Amanda, who explained that a lot of people are very receptive to her products.

“We have two products that fly off the shelves. We have the raw raspberry, pistachio and lemon cake, it’s visually pleasing and it just does something to people, I can’t explain,” said Amanda.

“And then we have our herbal caramel chocolate and that’s also people’s kryptonite,” Amanda said.

Cosmic Sweets Herbal caramel chocolate.

Amanda says that in the future she would like to give Cosmic Sweets a permanent home and expand into a full cafe offering, enabling her to sell more of her products and expend her range.

“I definitely would like to open my own cafe, I don’t know where, I don’t know if we’re going to stay in Limerick, we’re kind of up and about, so we’re going to see where we land, that’s why I haven’t actually put my roots into anything physical yet,” she explained.

“But I would definitely love to open up my own cafe and bring a bit more savoury stuff as well. I have a lot of different types of juices and smoothies and lattes and elixirs that would do really well with the Cosmic vibes,” Amanda concluded.

Cosmic Sweets can be found in the Milk Market on Saturdays from 8am to 1.30pm or online.