Janesboro works making school travel safer for children of Limerick

Fine Gael councillor Sarah Kiely

QUEEN of Peace School on O’Donoghue Avenue in Janesboro is now home to Limerick’s newest school street, with works continuing on improved crossings in the area.

Janesboro-based Fine Gael councillor Sarah Kiely described the ongoing work at O’Donoghue Avenue and Casement Avenue, with new footpaths being constructed outside the school entrance, as “transformative”.

“The feedback from parents and from residents has been very positive. It is transformation for the area with wider paths for children attending school and pencil bollards to prevent parking on paths. I’m delighted to get this project delivered,” Cllr Kiely said.

“The Gardaí and the school principal have asked that people please park in the very ample carpark across from the school to ensure the safety of the children and residents of Casement Avenue and O’Donoghue Avenue,” she added.

The City East representative went onto say that more children will now walk or cycle to school safely.

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“Many of the children who attended Queen of Peace live within walking distance and should be encouraged by the safer route now.

“There have been some bad parking habits in the area, and it is now hoped that this will disappear in the coming weeks with the addition of the makeover of the area.

“The Gardaí have said they will also be patrolling the area at school drop off and collection times to ensure compliance. Parking on paths blocks the way for pedestrians, people with pushchairs and vulnerable pedestrians who need assistance with mobility.

“The residents are very pleased with the area as is the school community. The school principal has issued a notice to parents and guardians regarding their parking and has asked that they use the car park across the road,” she explained.